About Me


I started working in Alaska in 1994, and moved to Unalaska in 1996.  As a native Texan, I had always wanted to live in Alaska, with its truly wide open spaces.  Unalaska quickly became home in my heart, even though the initial plan was to stay for only two years.  I came for the land, but stayed because of the people.

In October 2017, I was elected to City Council Seat G. After serving out the remainder of the term, I am seeking re-election to this seat. I have learn a lot about city government and the legislative process, and am fully aware and capable of putting in the time needed to be prepared for each meeting and every decision. I hope to be able to build on what I have learned over the past year to improve my effectiveness as a representative.

Community involvement has been an important part of my life in Unalaska, and helps keep me in touch with what is happening beyond the confines of my workplace. I have been a volunteer in the Unalaska Fire/EMS Department, am a former board member of the Unalaska Chamber of Commerce, and Unalaska Community Broadcasting, and currently sit on the Fish & Game Advisory Committee.

I am a property owner and understand the impact that local taxes and utility rates can have on a homeowner. I am also a small business owner, having run Ravens Way vehicle unlock service since 2012, and understand the impact that taxes, ordinances and transportation issues can have on successful business ownership.

I enjoy boating, fishing and hiking around the island, and have a great appreciation for all that our spot in the Aleutians offers us. I respect the native culture, embrace our vibrant and diverse population, and believe in responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

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