I had a great question…

I had a great question posed to me at the candidate’s forum, basically asking what makes me a “solid, honest leader,” as stated in my campaign slogan. Those were qualities that someone else assigned to me, and as I stumbled around a bit while I was preparing my answer because I was trying to remember this quote by Alan Cohen, which I thought explained my position:

“The only thing more powerful than walking your talk is walking your walk without talking the talk.”

I won’t bullet-point my achievements, and I don’t won’t try and tell people what makes a good leader. I can easily define those things and point out examples, but I would rather you look at my reputation and go from there. If you are unfamiliar with my name, then ask around; after more than 20 years here I am not that hard to find. If you know me, you can decide if the talk ‘solid, honest leadership’ rings true to define accurately describes my walk.

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